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Point of difference Concrete structure Steel  structure


The concrete structure are more durable



The durability of steel  structure is adversely affected by weather condition and rusting
Earthquake resistance The concrete structure are brittle so they are less earthquake resistance. Steel Structure can withstand earthquake more effectively than concrete structure
Load carrying capacity

In the comparison to the steel the load carrying capacity of the concrete is low.



The load carrying capacity of steel structure is good
Scrap value



The scrap value of concrete is nil



The scrap value of steel is good



Self-weight The self-weight of concrete is more



The steel is 60% lighter than the concrete
Foundation The foundation for the concrete structure should be strong because of the larger weight of concrete The steel structure can be made without foundation
Construction time The concrete structure generally needed  28 days before they are ready to use The steel structure are fast in their erection and can be used soon after their erection
Labour It requires less skilled labor It requires more skilled labor
Cost The cost of construction is less The cost of construction is more
Joining The joints such as construction joint, expansion joint, contraction joint, etc are needed in concrete structure The steel component are joined by using rivets, welding, nuts & bolts, etc. in steel structure


Source: civildigital.com

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